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"I have a lot of little dark freckles on my arms and neck, etc. I'm wearing a strapless gown.  I was thinking what make-up would be good to use to cover the birth marks? Then  I saw a photo of Jane Fonda wearing a strapless dress with a sheer fabric attached to her dress.   I thought it was a great idea to cover acne or freckles.  I finally found this company who makes sheer bodysuits in nude and other colors. Great idea. Thank you "


Christina J.

Seattle WA



"Like most of the other reviewers, I fell in love with my strapless wedding gown but am not in love with my arms. I ordered the sheer body suit in off white and the color was a great match to my dress but since I am a spring wedding I really wanted it to be barely there in terms of colo. I exchanged for the light nude and am even more thrilled with the results. The exchange process was very fast. Both color options, I have to say would be great. I would not hesitate for a second to buy this if you want to boost your confidence a little with your dress and ensure your pictures are something you love vs. cringe at. "

Marshawn C.

Trabuco Canyon CA



" Covering my tattoos with concealer Is just too messy.  Just imagine dancing and getting all sweaty, not to mention bumping into people on the dance floor.  I would differently prefer to go with the sheer bodysuit to cover my tattoos.  Thank you for making such a great product"


Barbara. R



 "Hate isn't a strong enough word for me and my arms…and honestly, my hatred of my arms drove me to pick the dress I bought because it’s the only dress I tried on that came with a bolero…would this be my dress if I was okay going sleeveless??? Probably not.   But then I found this sheer bodysuit.  It was perfect under my strapless dress. It looked like its part of the dress.   It also comes in different shads of white to match most gowns.  I love it, its perfect. "

Mary. F


'Why didn’t I want a strapless wedding gown? The truth is, I’ve always avoided strapless styles. I’m 5-foot-7 and a size 6. I normally don’t have much trouble finding clothes that fit well, but strapless dresses don’t do me any favors. They accentuate my broad shoulders. They make me look flat-chested. They make my arms look bloblike and undefined. Plus, they are uncomfortable. “Wearing a strapless dress” might be more accurately described as “worrying that your strapless dress is about to fall off.” Not a recipe for bridal peace of mind. Why would I get married in a style that hasn’t ever worked for me? And why are strapless wedding gowns so popular anyway?  This decision turned out to be a problem. Strapless wedding gowns are by far the most common style. About 75 percent of wedding dresses are strapless. Adding different necklines and sleeves lead to more design challenges.

 Other common problems that the strapless dress presents? Visible tan lines. Spillover cleavage. Pouches of skin that bunch around the armpits. Stick-figure arms. Uniboobs. Generalized sagginess. And having a good figure alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll look great in a strapless style.  I finally chose a gown (yes strapless) and I found a sheer bodysuit to wear under the dress.  It was actually perfect.  It covered my arms.  And it matched the dress perfectly.   Thank  god I found this product".   

Jasmine. P


"OMG, thank you! I have been debating what kind of dress I should be getting as my family doesn't currently know that I have a relatively large dove on my shoulder blade. I have been debating how I should tell them, or if I should just try to find a dress that covers it. I love my dove, and my fiancé loves it too! But I know my family disapproves of the handful of tattoos they know I have that won't show. The thing is, my dove is a memorial piece for my grandmother who I was super close to. I even have her engagement ring as my own now, so I really wanted to show it off, but I was feeling the guilt creep up, even before I officially start my dress shopping. So glad I found this mesh bodysuit.  Problem solved !!!  Thank you!!!

Cassandra D. 



"Strapless gowns should be outlawed, because even the dresses by the best designers often do not fit properly. They're either too big and the bodice is like a shelf sticking out inches away from the body, or they're too tight and you get that extra layer of flesh just bulging out.  The only women who should wear strapless are the ones who work out five days a week and are not too thin or too heavy and not too short. But that"s whats sells today. I bought a strapless dress and I wore a sheer bodysuit under.  It looked great. "  

Maria H.



"I'm amazed that so many brides purchase them, but they do. You really have to be in great shape. You shouldn't be overly busty and not too fleshy in the arms. ... but when I talk to designers, when I say, 'What's up with all the strapless?' they tell me that's what sells. I end up buying a strapless dress and I tried the sheer bodysuit.  It matched perfectly.  So glad I found it.  I didn't have to add fabric and wonder how its going to look"

Rena S.


" I just want to say "thank god for Second Skin Bodysuit", they really saved me.  Two days before my son's wedding I got poison ivy, yes, two days before the wedding!!!  My arms were full of what it looked like mosquito bites, I could not let anything touch my arms otherwise it will bleed, so I had to cover it somehow. I was panicking and didn't know what to do. My dress was sleeveless and I was facing quite a dilemma.  My friend told me about Second Skin bodysuit, I logged-in immediately and I bought the nude bodysuit and got it the next day, I took it to my tailor and she cut out just the front, I wore it under my dress and it looked perfect. I don't know what I would have done without it.   

Thank you so much Second Skin Bodysuit for a great service, super fast shipping and a wonderful product, I was comfortable all night and I didn't have to worry about the poison ivy rubbing against anyone"   

Odelia E. 

New York





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