Poison Ivy… A week before the wedding.... Help! September 15, 2015 16:46

Poison ivy allergic reactions are very common with sensitive people that come in contact with the plant’s juices and sometimes the plant itself. The reaction itself is pretty unpleasant because it is manifested by the occurrence of itchy bumps and small blisters covering large surfaces of the skin. Unpleasant, unwanted etc, etc.
But let’s hypothetically say that you get poison ivy rash just a week before your big day, then what? Don’t mean to scare you, but everything is possible. And while you may have some bad karma just a few days before your wedding, we have designed the solution to this problem, just for you!
Since a poison ivy rash can last up to 3 weeks, no matter the treatment you apply, the best way to “set it aside” on your wedding day is to cover your skin well.
Our sheer/mesh bodysuit is exactly what you need to hide all the hideous blisters and bumps on your arms, back and chest area away.
Made from nylon and spandex, the bodysuits we created are specially made for all body sized and types, it is machine washable and comes in 5 different colors, depending on what you need. Depending on the color of your strapless wedding dress you can choose from white, ivory, off white or nude so that it looks like the bodysuit is part of the wedding dress.
Of course, you may want to cover your arms for other reasons besides a poison ivy rash, such as modesty and flabby arms or even hide scars.
No matter the reason, our sheer/mesh bodysuits will cover all the things you don’t want to expose on your wedding day, hence making you feel not just comfortable but confident and ready to have a blast on the most important day of your life.
With the sheer/mesh bodysuit your gorgeous strapless wedding dress will look a million bucks, while you will be a happy and confident bride walking down the aisle.
Choose the color and size of the sheer bodysuit for you by following the instructions in our online shop and make sure no poison ivy rash or anything else will stay in the way of you having the most fun on your wedding day!