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Bridal Jackets for Wedding Gown January 26, 2018 14:36


Who wants to wear a bridal jacket over the most gorgeous wedding dress ever created? You may be getting married in a venue that requires your shoulders to be covered. Out of respect for the church’s dress code, you may need to find a jacket that will allow for that modesty.

Many church ceremonies have requirements. You may have to be a member of that church or you may have to be marrying a church member. Foreign church wedding ceremonies require you abide by their requirements for dressing appropriately.

You have picked that magnificent sweetheart strapless gown with beading and glamour; however it does leave your shoulders and décolletage exposed in a fashion that is unacceptable in some venues. You will need a bridal coverup.

Each designer will offer you the complementary style for your wedding ensemble. If you are wearing a vintage dress from your grandmother, you may choose a jacket that ties at the raised waistline. 

Remember that adding a cover up to your wedding gown does everything necessary for your beauty. These wedding bodysuits are perfect for travel from church to reception on cool fall nights or early spring afternoons. A bridal cover up is a fashion accessory that adds to your style.

Whether you choose a bridal jacket with ruffles or one with a cape-like look, shopping for a bridal cover up will be a labor of love best done with the bridal consultant. He will know what to suggest and he will be able to help you choose the right size. 

Order early and enjoy looking marvelous in your beautiful bridal cover up and lavish wedding gown.

The Ultimate Bridal Cover-Up October 29, 2017 12:35

Fabulous fashion post for you. Winter is about to roll in and while wedding season is over, there are still couples tying the knot every weekend, with backdrops of changing leaves, snow-capped mountains, and twinkly lights. I’m happy to have rounded up the perfect, necessary accessory for you winter (and fall and spring) brides, the cover-up. If you’re a bride getting married in the colder months, a cover-up shouldn’t be an after thought, it should be a well thought out part of your bridal look. You’ll be wearing this accessory in many of your portraits and if you have an outdoor ceremony, you may even walk down the aisle in your cover-up. The topper you choose to pair with your gown can completely change the vibe of your look. Just check out the photos below. A cover-up can add edge, can add glamour, sparkle or cozy.  A unique cover-up will only add to your wedding day look!

   wedding dress cover up strapless gown ceremony cover up flabby arm cover up plus size wedding dress




Poison Ivy… A week before the wedding.... Help! September 15, 2015 16:46

Poison ivy allergic reactions are very common with sensitive people that come in contact with the plant’s juices and sometimes the plant itself. The reaction itself is pretty unpleasant because it is manifested by the occurrence of itchy bumps and small blisters covering large surfaces of the skin. Unpleasant, unwanted etc, etc.
But let’s hypothetically say that you get poison ivy rash just a week before your big day, then what? Don’t mean to scare you, but everything is possible. And while you may have some bad karma just a few days before your wedding, we have designed the solution to this problem, just for you!
Since a poison ivy rash can last up to 3 weeks, no matter the treatment you apply, the best way to “set it aside” on your wedding day is to cover your skin well.
Our sheer/mesh bodysuit is exactly what you need to hide all the hideous blisters and bumps on your arms, back and chest area away.
Made from nylon and spandex, the bodysuits we created are specially made for all body sized and types, it is machine washable and comes in 5 different colors, depending on what you need. Depending on the color of your strapless wedding dress you can choose from white, ivory, off white or nude so that it looks like the bodysuit is part of the wedding dress.
Of course, you may want to cover your arms for other reasons besides a poison ivy rash, such as modesty and flabby arms or even hide scars.
No matter the reason, our sheer/mesh bodysuits will cover all the things you don’t want to expose on your wedding day, hence making you feel not just comfortable but confident and ready to have a blast on the most important day of your life.
With the sheer/mesh bodysuit your gorgeous strapless wedding dress will look a million bucks, while you will be a happy and confident bride walking down the aisle.
Choose the color and size of the sheer bodysuit for you by following the instructions in our online shop and make sure no poison ivy rash or anything else will stay in the way of you having the most fun on your wedding day!

"You're wearing a dress with sleeves, right?" Choosing to cover your tattoos at your wedding day? September 11, 2015 23:08

Hey, tattooed brides: how are you dealing the wedding day ink backlash? Covering them up? Showing them off? Using them as your wedding theme?  

Body art or tattoos are getting really common nowadays and almost everyone is getting them. Most people think that through body art they are able to preserve a memory or give a message to the world. For this reason, they often wear clothes that would flaunt their tattoos as it leaves a rather profound impression on others.
The Wedding Day: Nevertheless, at formal occasions such as your wedding, it may become a daunting question – whether you should show your tattoos or not? For grooms it is not a matter of choice because they wear tuxedo in which all of their body parts are hidden so their tattoos are not visible. Conversely, it is a matter of great concern for brides because if they wear any backless or sleeveless wedding gown then their tattoos might become visible. Some might like the idea of showing off their tattoos while others would simply disagree and maybe search for a more appropriate way through which they could hide their tattoos. At the wedding, there are lots of individuals who belong to different age groups and mindsets. Not all of them might be impressed with the idea of tattoos on a bride. In fact, mothers especially make a special request to their daughters to hide their tattoos as it would look rather lewd at such a sacred and decent occasion. On the contrary, a bride might have second thoughts about how her tattoos would look in the photographs of the wedding day. So how can such brides hide their tattoos in the best way possible? A Sheer Bodysuit, a simple and wonderful technique is to wear a sheer bodysuit under the bridal dress. A sheer bodysuit is made up of light fabric that would simply compliment your sleeveless or backless gown. It is a really comfortable piece of clothing in which you can spend a whole day or a whole night with ease. This bodysuit can be altered according to your size and will fit perfectly on your beautiful body. The sheer bodysuit will make all your tattoos stay hidden so that they are not visible to your guests. In addition to that, it will seem as if this bodysuit is part of your bridal dress and is not worn separately.

The best part about sheer bodysuits is that they are really trendy nowadays. Almost every celebrity such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many others have worn this type of bodysuit. Therefore, the moment you wear this sheer bodysuit under your bridal gown, you will also feel like a celebrity.
The Princess look-alike:Sheer bodysuit is a way better option than going through the pain of spending endless hours applying concealer or other cosmetics to your inked body. First you will have to find the right concealer that matches your skin tone. Upon finding the right concealer, you will have to buy it enough to cover up all of your tattoos. On the other hand, you simply need to put the bodysuit on, before wearing your bridal dress and you will look like a princess! Moreover, the bodysuit will give a slim and trim look to your body that your groom will simply adore.



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